Tuesday, September 28, 2010

God Spreads a Miracle Lobster Picnic

Miracle Witness!

God provides a miracle lobster picnic for our little family in a deserted park on the coast of Maine.

MAINE LOBSTER BOAT RETURNS, photo by Bill Hunt (c) 2010.
My wife, Mary, and I felt tired, poor, between paydays, frazzled, and needing a break. So, one Saturday morning, we strapped Monica, Brian, and baby Emily into three car seats and drove the country roads for a few hours toward Camden.

We journeyed a rather lengthy, sunny spring drive through the Maine countryside toward the rocky, scenic, coastal areas.

We were about to learn for the first time that God really would work a miracle out of love for us just to meet our need.

Parents with young children
understand what I'm saying.

As we drove, Mary and I sang worship songs together. I really enjoyed my canary soprano spouse singing along with me. We recently joined a Life in the Holy Spirit seminar, and we savored our refreshed walk with God.

By early afternoon, we grew hungry. With concern, I knew we carried no money to buy lunch.

"Boy, I'm hungry," I finally said to Mary.

"God knows it,” she said.

Surely, he who multiplied the loaves and fishes could provide us a little food,” I replied.

You should pray specifically,” Mary said.
Tell him what you want.”

My wife is always right.

Mary said she brought along just a couple of slices of white bread, peanut butter, and jelly, only small sandwich snacks for the kids. That didn't sound too beneficial. Not ready to admit defeat, I turned my desire into a daring prayer.

"Father, we'd like some food for our little family to settle our hunger. And if you don't mind, God, I'd really like some lobster! But we'll appreciate anything you provide. Father, I thank you for hearing my prayer." 
Twenty minutes up the road, we unexpectedly came upon an open roadside picnic area with spacious green fields.

We turned into the coastal park.

This secluded park lay just across the road from a scenic blue panorama of salt smelling ocean water.

What a sight!

The place appeared deserted until we noticed in one parking area an older couple loading the back end of a black pickup truck.

At our picnic table, Mary spread the peanut butter and jelly on to sandwiches to split among the kids. While she prepared the snack, I twirled Monica and Brian on a small merry-go-round, giving them rides.

Fathers teach their children to play. With hair flying, they squealed in delight.

In a minute or two, the white-haired gentleman from the pickup truck walked all the way across the open green field to greet us.

"My wife and I celebrated a picnic with our organization," he said. "We just packed away our supplies.

I hope you don't mind if I ask.

We boxed some extra food, and we wonder if your family would like a little, at no cost, of course."

"What kind of food?" I politely asked, knowing any kind of food would sound great.

"We barbecued chicken halves, ears of butter and sugar corn, potato salad, and some fresh lobster," he said, "actually quite a bit. Would you like some, whatever you can eat?"

He eyed our jar of peanut butter.

I barely dared to believe my ears as I recognized the wondrous blessing of an Almighty, Loving God taking shape.

I walked over to the man's truck with him.

Back at our weather beaten picnic table, my heart cheered and my eyes teared. My little family enjoyed the delicacy of the barbecued chicken and the bright red lobster feast.

I now know about how hungry the disciples actually felt when Jesus blessed a few small loaves and fishes.

I experienced a new awe for God's overwhelming love for people.

Bill Hunt © 2010

NOTE: Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box. Have you ever experienced a miracle? Tell us, give God the Glory!

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Anonymous said...

Great story.

BILL said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much for reflecting God's Love and taking the moment to comment.

Lori said...

Bill, I love this! God is so generous....what a great faith you both have and how like God to give you even more than what you asked for! If only we could all live more like this...in faith. You are an inspiration! Lori

BILL said...

Thank you. It is such a treat to have you visit. I enjoy your Blog so much. It's the Love of the Lord that shines through. This Lobster Miracle was a whole new thing for us. We have more stories ahead. I've learned to accept that every sunrise means a whole new day of a hundred million miracles on the earth. Can't agree at all with those who don't think God's working. He's holding the whole planet in balance! Every hair on our head is numbered! God is Awesome! In Jesus, Bill

Mary Nell Hall said...

Hi, Bill. What a blessing to read your story. I am always encouraged by your messages of faith and its rewards. God bless you and all your family. We pray all is well. Love to you and Mary, Mary Nell Hall

BILL said...

It's such a joy to hear from you! From all the WIM messages, you appear very busy doing God's work as key missionaries. Isn't it incredible for you two to walk the earth with God? It's like walking with God in the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve. But, not nearly so peaceful! Blessings, a million blessings to you and Chuck,
In Jesus,