Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Follow the Spirit

As Earth from the Sun draws Rays each dawn.

Cleansing the air we breathe.
Food nourishes creatures each day.
Oceans to streams quench thirst.
Passion is to Marriage and
Cries to Infants.
Children at play.
World at Work.
Kindness and Care for Mankind.
As Your Grace is Overpowering
to Us, O God.
Your Son, Our Savior.
Divine Love, Eternal without End.

God Defends.
(Isa 1:24) Therefore the Lord says, The LORD of hosts, the Mighty One of Israel, "Ah, I will rid Myself of My adversaries, And take vengeance on My enemies.”

(Deut 30:7) "Also the LORD your God will put all these curses on your enemies and on those who hate you, who persecuted you.”

Special Day at Market. Before I even set up at 8:30 am, people arrived coming for ministry, healing, and witnessing. The Holy Spirit was on a roll. Usually, I'm off to a slow start, but Jesus was off to a jump start. I prayed for bandaged arms, wrists, feet, wheelchair persons, kidneys, disabled, aged, and young, some dozen people. God pointed them out. A few pastors came by and talked at length to get witness ideas. People came by and chatted intermittently. Different cultures appreciate when I show them interest. I'm mixed with God's heritage in family anyway, American Puritan, Indian, Black. I've elbowed with Orientals, Spanish, Scandinavians, Hebrews. Muslims have saved my life. I love foreign food. My Dad taught me all are my Brothers and Sisters in the Family of Man. I contacted “420” men, women, and childre, a few pregnant ladies. I don't know why others won't join me. It's so easy and rewarding to witness in the sweetness of the Holy Spirit.

Giving generously is the key to receiving abundantly in God's Love.
Modern people don't know how to love sacrificially.
But never ask man for your needs, ask God to provide.
Giving money to the poor, but not just money.
Bless the ones you meet with God's Love,
a wise word, a kind deed, a caring hug, a true kiss,
a heart gift. Living in God's Love, seeking always to give yourself,
you will receive his surprise supernatural Miracles and Blessings.
Prove it to yourself. We have found this is absolutely true.
(3 John 1:2) “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things
and be in health, just as your soul prospers.”

Seek to give your spouse Joy;
make a happy spouse,
and he/she will make a happy union.
Notice, I didn't say “give things.”
Give Joy.”
Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
Practice the art of giving to
seek God's blessings.

Market, Saturday. Grateful for Earl, Tina, Cassidy, Pastor, John Paul, Linda helping. “400” contacts made, Men, Women, Children. God is sending more and more. Special Blessings, God who Loves them all. God answers every prayer and touches every contact, even a resistant reply can't get by. One Veteran nicely made me a special cross of nails for ministry, I'll wear around my neck.

Market, special witness in the Jesus Harvest. “344” contacts to our quiet shady new corner. Earl, Tina, and Cassidy came to help. The Holy Spirit nudged instantly. Some came quick, very supportive, and friendly. “I'm glad you're doing this.” Some came bashful, but seeking prayer or ministry. Some dared to approach curiously and cautiously, not wanting to be church-caught. But our aim is to share Jesus. Some reluctant believers wanted not to involve themselves publicly with Jesus at all, and said so. Some feared God, afraid to even pass us. But I call out, “God bless you.” I always want them to know. You see, the Holy Spirit backs me.

"If the new crime be, to believe in God, let us all be criminals," said Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

Couples relate together in a successful marriage. They discuss, they talk, they share daily life together. True, they sometimes differ, they argue. But they respect each other. They differ about issues, but they do not generally attack each other cruelly with name calling. Further, they forgive fast. “Kiss slow, Forgive fast.” They come to agreement on family issues and they respect their children fairly. Discipline, money, problems, troubles, difficulties, are treated the same way. No one is perfect. Jesus is perfect. Issues are can be slow in resolution, but mutual agreement is a goal. Peace is the objective.

The main thing in a marriage is to live life together in Christ,” my wife of 47 years said.

Imperatively, this means to pray daily together, to read the Bible together, to worship in the same place or church together. “A family that prays together, stays together.” Also, we recommend holding family mini-worship or devotions at home. I remember my Dad always blessed us children each night on the way to bed. Something like, “May our Heavenly Father bless you in the wonder and power of his love, and give you a peaceful sleep in the Name of Jesus.” My wife and I now enjoy reading five psalms each morning or a scripture reading to start our prayers. As we grow older, it's our start time for the day with God.

Blessings to you,
Bill Hunt
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