Sunday, September 19, 2010

As the Angel Foretold, I Meet My Future Wife


Marriages Are made in heaven. God plans a collision course where I meet my future wife in Sunday service. 

GOD'S CHOICE (c) Bill Hunt 2010

I wasn't actively looking for a wife, but God had other plans for me. I returned to Syracuse University for my second year of special studies. What the angel in Pakistan foretold a year earlier, as I related to you, was no longer on my mind.

On a Sunday in July, I enjoyed reading the scriptures from the podium during service in the packed Crouse Auditorium at the Music School. I sat at the left side of the stage and noticed this coed play the magnificent organ with exposed silver pipes.

The refrains ran all the way to the high ceiling and echoed the melody throughout the auditorium. This organist sat barely seen behind a white shielding screen. I watched only her energetic legs busily playing the organ pedals as her hands simultaneously played the keys.

There were thousands of attractive coeds on campus. But at a certain moment in the service, this brunette stood up from behind the screen where I could see her.

"I want one like that!"

I spoke to my Heavenly Father, surprised at my own prayer.

I was serious. Her classic beauty overwhelmed me. Not only was she a great musician, but she appeared very intelligent, tall, and definitely most attractive. 

I approached her shyly at the altar after the service was over. 

"There's a little shop down the street serving hot chocolate and cream donuts. Would you care to have some with me?"

"No, I don't even know you," she said.

"My name's Bill," I flustered.

"Beside, I have some friends with me. I'll take a rain check," she answered and walked off.

My heart sank.

I walked outside without talking to anyone.

I found my car, and started to drive away around the back of the building. Suddenly, I noticed her and her lady friends entering a parked car.

At the car door, she turned and glanced a super flirtatious smile at me.

My disappointment jumped back to excitement.

I'd like to meet that girl!

(To be continued!)

Bill Hunt © 2010

(See Books on Courtship and Marriage.)


Anonymous said...

So, that is your wife Mary! She is as beautiful in life as she is in spirit . . . you are indeed a blessed man and God's love for you shines through your every word of praise and delight of your bride.

Love and hugs


BILL said...

Thanks a million, Deb!
Your words are a honeycomb!
I'm using that word more and more
with you heart touching Bloggers!!!