Tuesday, September 21, 2010

By Divine Appointment God Selects a Wife


God truly directs our paths and can surprisingly lead us to the spouse he has chosen when we “do it God's way.”


The girl I wanted to meet was not present playing the grand pipe organ at the next Sunday service in July, nor again all through August. In fact, I didn't see her again week after week as I searched through the summer at Crouse Auditorium, Syracuse University.

Finally, one fall day in September between the two morning services, I waited downstairs in a crowded corridor for the first service to let out.

"She's coming!"

Very quietly, but very definitely, the Holy Spirit suddenly impressed my heart. This was a new experience for me.

"Wait! she's coming down around the stairway."

I dared to listen sensitively to this voice of God.

My heart pounded. Impressed with expectation, I waited patiently, wondering if I was truly about to see her again. Standing with my back to the wall, I forced myself not to move.

Could this be true or just my imagination?

Sure enough! The coed appeared on the landing and entranced down the staircase. Step by step, like a princess in regal beauty, she entered the grand ballroom. To me, she seemed to sparkle as if she wore the crown jewels.

Diplomatically, through the crowd, she greeted people lined all along the white-walled corridor.

She made her way person-by-person stepping sideways towards me. I waited in grand expectation.

"Oh!" she said.

This girl finally stood before me eye-to-eye, looked up and smiled.

"Hello! You owe me a cup of coffee."

I could hardly breathe.

WEDDING RINGS (C) Bill Hunt 2010
"I have never seen the Holy Spirit so strongly present in a wedding."

The elderly Pastor Liddy quietly remarked after the ceremony on the day we married in Mary's home town, Upstate New York.

"You two deserve each other!" said our other clerical friend.

With his famous Italian smile and Friar Tuck tonsorial, he solemnly officiated at our wedding.

Charles Borgognoni, chaplain of the Newman Center and the Syracuse University Football Team, knew hundreds of students by first name. He was so loved by the students, they called him "the fourth person of the Blessed Trinity." He was quite familiar with this couple's passion and vitality through campus activities.

He was the friend who first told me "that girl's" name.

Doy-lee?” He teased a nickname, grinning wide at me. “So you want to meet Doy-lee?! Her name is Mary.”

I think we husbands should hold very dear the great gift for our lives.

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22 NIV).

Bill Hunt © 2010

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Trish said...

Thank you for your encouraging post on my blog. I really enjoyed your post, I'll stop in frequently :)


BILL said...


Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm certainly happy to have you. That beach looks so cool.

Lori said...

What an awesome story.....Don't you just love this blogging community? And thank you for stopping by mine! Blessings to you....Lori

BILL said...


Yes, this Blogging is amazing, and I enjoyed your site so much. I'll be back pronto to read it some more.
In Jesus, Bill

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill and thank you for stopping by and reading and commenting.
Isn't a tremendous blessing that God gives us the opportunity to glean from one another and encourage one another through a blogging community?
I pray that your site will draw others straight toward the heart of our Father and into a right relationship with Him.
Your writing is wonderful and your 'bride' looks stunning. I see why she captured your heart.

BILL said...

Thank you for your kind words. I'll tell you a Secret. My wife is Irish-Italian, and I've Never, Never, Never had a dull day of marriage! Wives really do train their men how to be husbands. God made men and women very different and complimentary in every way. That's why we should never give up but accept Life Long Learning. I grieve for every couple that splits if they could have healed! Bill