Thursday, September 6, 2012

People of Cuba In the Storm

Prayer for Cuba, Night of 8-26-2012, as Hurricane Isaac threatens.

(Storm Recon US NOAA)

I pray for a people forgotten,
a people spurned,
a people coming awake,
a people in the Night.
Father, touch them with
your love.
Touch them with your Love.

Open your eyes from above.
Protect them safe from the storm.
Open your eyes from above.
See the Kingdom of Heaven,
Yeshua Ha Meshiach.
Jesus God-Messiah,
Captain of the boat,
calm the seas.

Expect a visit from the King.
to your island,
to your own humble hovel,
to your heart.
Excitement from the King,
a visit to your hovel.
Yeshua Ha Meshiach,
calm the seas.

--Bill Hunt
World in Christ

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