Thursday, September 27, 2012

Egypt Christians Offer Water Wash Feet of Muslims

An Act of Love and Service touched the Cairo, Egypt, Muslims and the Christians.

Muslims Wash for Prayers in Pakistan (Photo by Bill Hunt)

Sept. 27, 2012 (Open Doors News) — Across much of the Muslim world, more than two weeks of backlash to the Internet video "Innocence of the Muslims" has occasionally been directed at Christians, from computer hacks to church burnings. Yet amid the anger and violence in several countries, there have been some moments of peace.

Unable to breach the perimeter of the U.S. embassy in Cairo, some Egyptian protesters turned their attention to the nearby Kasr-el-Dobara Evangelical Church.

"Death to the worshipers of the cross!" they painted on the wall. The mob began to damage the downstairs bookshop.

Then a man emerged from the crowd and started yelling. He said the Christians from the church had come to his aid, tending his wounds, during the 2011 popular uprising against the Egyptian government.

Then another man stepped forward, and said the church had offered water, earlier that very day, to wash the feet of Muslims before prayers.

The crowd fell silent, turned, and left.

In Zinder, Niger, on Sept. 14, about 1,000 Muslims emerged from the Friday Jumu'ah prayers, divided into groups of several hundred each, and started marching toward the churches in town. They set the Winners Chapel afire. They severely vandalized the Union of Evangelical and Protestant churches’ community center, the Church of the Assemblies of God, and a Catholic church.

Several Christians were injured, though the exact number has not been verified. After police regained control at the churches, smaller groups damaged the homes of the evangelical church pastor and homes of members of the Catholic church. Police made numerous arrests.

Meanwhile, as far away as Pakistan, Christians anticipated the wave of Muslim anger to wash into their country. On Sept. 21, an angry mob torched St. Paul Lutheran Church in Pakistan's Mardan district. Protestors destroyed not only the church building but a school attended by Christian and Muslim children.

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An Act of Love and Service touched the Muslims and the Christians.
--Bill Hunt

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