Sunday, September 23, 2012

Greatest Wife in History

Some Preachers preach a Proverbs 31 Woman does not exist. I found one.

Greatest Wife in History

It is Sunday morning. My dear wife of 44 years has flown north to visit her mother for the weekend. Two of our most beautiful daughters (all are) from Houston are meeting her at the airport in Syracuse. Now that's a gathering of women in Upstate New York's Adirondack fall foliage. Something like a dream.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are Mary's and my special prayer times. God wakes us usually very early mornings at 4:44, 3:33, and sometimes 2:22. Heaven's calls. The Holy Spirit indwells our living room and Jesus comes to sit on the divan. It's our garden place we meet him. We often start prayer times together with five Psalms. What does Jesus say? Read my articles. Like this one.

Mary and I birthed six children, girl and boy in Anchorage, girl in Waterville, girl in Bryn Mawr, girl in Brunswick, and boy in Ocala. As adults, God has sprinkled them like seasonings around the nation to serve him, Ocala, Jacksonville, Houston, and Seattle. We have ten grandchildren.

Father, make all our children, great servants of the Lord,” is my prayer.

Mary is a passionate Irish-Italian. God brought us together through the Holy Spirit at Syracuse University. She is a delicate-touch concert pianist and singer, now always a worshiper glorifying the Lord. She is a high school salutatorian and a college full-scholarship cum laude. She works as a serious GED teacher to men in state prison. And she is always the most beautiful woman I have ever met in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

God anointed Mary with great gifts. She is an ardent seeker of truth, which led us to true life in Jesus with the Holy Spirit. She has an incredible gift of flaming service. She is a serious prophetess speaker for God. She is emotionally sensitive. She's always a concerned hostess about company coming; she feels she's got to do everything just right. She can cook anything, Italian lasagna, Baked Alaska, Chinese combined, or gourmet leftovers. And she's never ever dull, more like spontaneous and exciting.

Mary gets up early when I arise. And she always sleeps and won't move from her chair next to me until we go to bed. That's service. I've heard preachers wrongly preach that such a woman does not exist. Mary is the Proverbs 31 woman. She is.

I am blessed from glory to glory,
Bill Hunt

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