Friday, October 14, 2011

Marriage God-Arranged

Yes, God can bring husbands and wives together for those who seek his Will.

God arranges marriage for those who seek his Will.  
(Forsythe Fotography c. 2011)

For two months, I did not see that girl I spotted. I had no information about her. Finally, one September Sunday, I walked downstairs to a corridor crowded with people waiting for the first service to let out.

"She's coming!" Very quietly, but definitely, the Holy Spirit whispered  in my heart. This was a new experience for me.

"Wait! In just a moment, she's coming around down the stairway." I dared to listen sensitively to the voice inside.

Was this true, or was I imagining it? It was a very special moment for me to realize the Lord's prompting. I was deeply impressed with expectation in my heart and waited obediently, wondering if I was truly about to see her again. Now at the far end of the corridor, I planted my shoulders against the wall and my shoes firmly on the floor, stiff as a board

Sure enough! In about fifteen minutes of faith waiting, the coed appeared on the landing and entranced down the staircase, step by step, like a princess in regal beauty entering the grand ballroom. She came down the stairs and diplomatically greeted professors and students lined all along the corridor. I now noticed she was making her way through the crowd person-by-person stepping sideways towards me. I waited.

"Oh!" she said when she finally stood before me and smiled. "Hello! You owe me a cup of coffee." I could hardly breathe.

"I have never seen a wedding where the Holy Spirit was so strongly present," said the elderly Pastor Liddy on the day we married in Mary's home town.

"You two deserve each other!" said our friend with a big, broad smile, Charles Borgognoni, chaplain of the Syracuse University Football Team. He knew our passion and vitality very well through campus activities. With his famous Italian smile and Friar Tuck tonsorial, he officiated at our wedding.

I think we husbands should hold very dear the great gift for our lives.

"He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (Proverbs 18:22 NIV).
--Bill Hunt

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