Thursday, April 14, 2011

Resurrection from a Coma!

God performs a wonderful miracle to raise a motorcyclist from a death gripping coma.


"Jesus Raises the Dead Son of the Widow of Nain" (Unknown Artist).


"The doctor said he has a ten percent chance of living, and if he does, he'll be just a vegetable," the blond waitress cried. One night in a motel restaurant, I overheard a young blond waitress explaining to her girl friend that her brother was now lying in the hospital in a serious coma from a horrible motorcycle accident.

The Holy Spirit, pressing in my spirit, would not leave me alone. I walked over to her.

"Did I hear you right? Would you like me to go to the hospital with you and pray for your brother?" Although not a church going family, the young waitress called her parents and arranged for them and another brother to meet us in the intensive care unit at Monroe Regional Hospital in Ocala, Florida.

The patient lay in a serious coma with blood visibly clotted all through his bandaged head and shoulder. A car driven by an elderly lady collided with him and threw him from his motorcycle a distance to the asphalt pavement.

"He has a ten percent chance of living, and if he does, he'll just be a vegetable." The nurse supervisor repeated the doctor's prognosis. To me it was a demand for God's healing power.

The family and I joined hands around his bed, and each in turn prayed vocally from the heart. Then, I quietly commanded the healing. From around the room, the nurses attending other patients stopped to watch curiously.

Be healed in the name of Jesus. Be healed by his precious blood which he sacrificed that our sins be forgiven and our infirmities healed!”

As we prayed, a strange and marvelous supernatural heat came down over the young man and over each one of us. It was a loving heat; it was a radiant heat. We all knew God was doing his work. Each of us felt the beautiful heat. The family smiled and they began to softly sing "Amazing Grace."

Two weeks later, when I saw her again, the waitress reported to me at the restaurant, her brother was out of bed in ten days and transferred to a recovery ward. For awhile, he only suffered a slight slur to his speech, left from the coma. I heard months later even his speech slur disappeared.

Bill Hunt

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