Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miracle Lightning Strike!

God's ways are wondrous: witness to a foreign visitor, protected in a lightning strike, and a new baby prophesied.

God Protects even from a Lightning Strike!

(Photo by Mark Coldren, PDPics) 

Can you witness to someone who speaks another language? Dark haired and dark eyed, this striking uniformed woman entered the crowded gift shop in Central Florida. The Hebrew on her uniform told me she was a traveling Israeli Army officer. An elderly American couple accompanied her. When I greeted the strangers by the impulse of the Holy Spirit, the elderly Christian woman explained she personally never took the opportunity to witness Christ to her Hebrew friend. They met her in Israel.

I saw this as a divine appointment from the Lord. Since, the officer did not speak English, I witnessed to her in the only words of Hebrew I knew. "Baruch a shem Adonoi. Yeshua ha Meshiah." "Blessed be the name of the Lord God. Jesus the Messiah."

I showed her a gold Star of David 
I wore around my neck. 

At this, the pretty officer beamed a big smile and gave me a nice hug. Her Christian lady friend now pulled a Hebrew New Testament out of her purse and handed it to me. The officer, not a Christian, autographed the book in Hebrew. "Next year in Jerusalem!" she wrote. It is the Israeli war cry.

My family and I had moved to Central Florida to Marion County. I found work in public relations, which helped me to familiarize with the area and the people. As a family, we also worked together to deliver newspapers by car, taking turns. Monica rode with her mother to throw newspapers, or Brian rode with his dad. It was actually good family time.

Early one morning in the dark, a horrible rainstorm with strong crashes of thunder and flashes of lightning poured down on us. To deliver newspapers at a large apartment complex on our route, I pulled the station wagon in to a parking place under a big, spreading oak tree.

Immediately, the Spirit impressed me 
strongly in my heart to move the car!

The warning came a second time. I remembered how I had come to suffer two weeks of poison oak all over my face once in the past when I did not heed such a spiritual warning. So, I obeyed. I backed the car out and parked in another space up the line. Flashes of lightning illuminated the scene.

I delivered newspapers on foot around the twenty-one apartments and then returned to the parking lot. There, in the parking space I vacated now lay half of the huge spreading oak tree. A lightning strike split the big tree and knocked it down! If I had remained parked there, my car would have been crushed and Brian injured. For the rest of the newspaper run, my son and I praised God together for the saving miracle.

The pregnancy of our last baby took Mary quite by surprise, or maybe I should say more, by shock. "We just weren't established!" said Mary. "I had to work, and it seemed like it must be the wrong time for a baby. We were still new to Florida. A baby was the furthest thing from my mind. I really felt sick during my early pregnancy.”

I was five or six months along by the time we moved to Ocala. We wanted trees and grass, something that was more familiar to us,” said Mary. We moved to Silver Springs Woods in the very green Ocala National Forest. Mary had not yet seen a doctor.

"The baby you are carrying is a boy, 
and his name is Daniel,"

In our new church there was a young couple who invited us for dinner. During prayer, this young woman suddenly prophesied a sign from God, that what was happening to us was truly his hand. "The baby you are carrying is a boy, and his name is Daniel," she said. “The name Daniel means God has judged."

Later, the weather was very hot and Mary was very uncomfortable wondering what day the baby would come. Three weeks before the birth, Dad prophesied the baby would be born on October 20th. This gave Mary comfort. It turned out to be a Saturday morning at Monroe Regional Hospital. Daniel was born soon after noontime following just an hour and a half of labor. He's been a servant of the Lord, ever since. God has his hands on the daily lives of men.

Bill Hunt

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Starry Dawn said...

Hi Bill,
Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!Your blog is spiritual food for the soul.
I wish you have a wonderful and HAPPY EASTER, with all those you love, Bill.
My dear cat, Mimmo went to Heaven this morning. I am sad, because the Veterinarian made the wrong surgery that took my dear cat's life.
I am very sad, Bill. I won't be back to my Blogs for a while. I deeply mourn the lost of my beloved best friend, my cat Mimmo.
I've recently sent my Email to your Email, if you wish to stay in contact with me from time to time. God bless you, Bill!!
Thank you so much for your caring ways!!
Happy Easter again, Bill!!
Kind Regards,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Lori said...

Hi Bill, thank you for being such an encourager and faithful commentor on my site, I really treasure each one. Reading of your family and how God works in your lives is always an inspiration to me! You are a real disciple of the Lord. Love and blessings until I stop by again....Lori

BILL said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment. I see the Lord works deep in your heart and that is so thrilling. You radiate the sensitivity and love of Jesus. I encourage people to visit your marvelous Blog.
Love in Jesus, Bill