Thursday, October 14, 2010

You, too, can pray for Healing

God's healing love touches a woman suffering from chronic internal hemorrhaging and a little boy with infected ears.

Jesus With the Children (

Mary and I first heard about God's wonderful healing power when her singing co-ed friend, Penny, came to visit us in the State of Maine! Mary's friend experienced a new relationship with God, and she effervesced to share with us.

For three days and nights, on the first days of the New Year, she talked excitedly about the genuineness of God's saving love, the personal redemption of his Son Jesus, and the wonderfulness of his healing power.

She led us in prayers of personal repentance and salvation. Late into the darkness of each night we talked about the Lord until 3:00 am, the wee hours of the morning for three nights in a row. What a time! Her visit completely changed our lives!

You, too, can pray for healing,” she said.

Soon, within just a few months, I attended a spiritual conference in Augusta, not forgetting the teachings of our friend. A lovely woman there continually suffered for two years from chronic internal hemorrhaging. She asked for prayer.

The Holy Spirit did not delay. I laid hands on her head and commanded the healing in the name of Jesus, as Penny had instructed. The woman left the room and came back. She returned to the room with a joyful face, walking determined right up to me.

"I'm healed," she said, 
"I'm completely healed!”

Soon God moved our little family to Main Line Philadelphia. The first time I visited this big city church, I felt like a stranger in a strange place. During the break, I overheard two women talking against the wall.

"I don't know what to do with my little boy," said one woman to the other.

"For two weeks he's suffered pain from infection in both his ears. The doctors and the tubes haven't helped him. He's sitting over there now, crying. He's always crying. I just don't know what to do. I feel helpless."

The mother deeply agonized over her son.

The Spirit prompted me with increasing pressure to pray for the boy. This was something new to me. Being a stranger, I felt great reluctance to act, but the Spirit continued this pressure on my heart.

"Lord, I'm new here. Nobody knows me.”

I stepped slowly around to the other side of the church. A little, sandy-haired, eight-year old boy sat on the steps at the altar, surrounded by concerned adults. He sobbed in pain, holding both his hands over his ears.

He looked up toward me with 
tears rolling down his cheeks.

I couldn't stop the smile that came over my face as I realized how much God loved him.

God's compelling love can be irresistible.

I walked to him, knowing in my spirit God would act. The people around him strangely stepped back and made way for me as if directed by divine presence. I said nothing. Obeying God, I laid my hands on both his ears and commanded the healing in a very short prayer.

"I command you to be healed in the name of Jesus. Be open. And pain be gone."

That's all I said. When I let go, the little boy took his hands off his ears and excitedly began to chatter with his mother relating his victory. His pain disappeared. Everyone around him just watched.

I walked away, humbled by God's tremendous Love.

Bill Hunt © 2010

NOTE: Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box. Have you experienced a healing?

Francis MacNutt's ministry of healing prayer is beautiful. He has ministered to thousands of people. Read this book for guidance on healing prayer.  

Healing by Francis MacNutt.  


soul healing Hawaii said...

How inspiring...
It's really an unexplainable thing/feeling when you've been healed by His powers.
He's really an awesome and almighty God.

BILL said...

Soul Healing Hawaii,
Thank you for your kind statement. Yes, God is awesome! I'm also a believer his hundred million miracles are all around us. They start with the sunrise everyday! I invite you to follow our blog site. I lived in Hawaii ages 8-9. I was the guy in the flower bushes making leis all the time!
In Jesus, Bill

Anonymous said...

I too have experienced the healing power of God for various ailments; also the Lord has used me to pray for others and they have been healed, in Jesus' name, by the power of His name, by faith in His blood. I see where God loves to heal; we simply need to believe it. No one deserves it, but He is kind to the ungrateful and selfish. Hallelujah!

BILL said...

Dear Anonymous,
Keep on praying! Every chance you get. Our readers should know, it's not hard to say to someone in trouble, "May I pray for you?" Men and Women pray, but GOD heals! Jesus tells us do speak the Word of Healing, but GOD comes on that Word. Glory! Thank you, Father!