Thursday, October 7, 2010

Healing Streams of Living Water, II

Inner Healing

God's miraculous love heals not only the hurts of the human body but also the cries of the human heart.

Streams of Living Water, photo by Bill Hunt (c) 2010.

See Jesus present to heal as you pray.”

Mary and I attended a powerful conference in Philadelphia on the healing of memories taught by Ruth Carter Stapleton, sister to President Jimmy Carter.

This beautiful lady described the wonders of God. The Holy Spirit's presence actually flowed through some two thousand people all across the vast auditorium as she talked. Ruth prayed for healing of the memories in those present.  

People felt the anointing of the powerful Spirit, worshiped uninhibitedly, and visibly cried unashamed.

Jesus anointed the huge crowd with streams of living water.

As the person recalls a hurtful incident in his or her life,” Ruth spoke, “in your ministering prayer, see Jesus present. Picture how Jesus ministers to them so lovingly.

Jesus tells us he is always with us. Is this so hard to believe?”

She went on.

In serious hurt, picture yourself climbing into God's lap as 'Daddy-God, Abba.' And receive his healing love. No situation is impossible with God. We must minister the healing truth of the scriptures.”

Our friend, Jesuit Bob McDougall, a charismatic, explained his observations to me.

I never saw anyone 
so completely healed.”

"I served as a psychologist for twenty-three years in the Canadian prison wards," he said. "And I never saw anyone so completely healed. Now, in the Holy Spirit's anointing, I see people wonderfully healed. Normally, approaching such levels of emotional healing would take months or even years of counseling."

Jesus anointed Bob McDougall with streams of living water and empowered his ministry.

One lady in our prayer group severely suffered from her husband's past abuse, betrayal, and recent divorce. We'll call her Jan. I asked Jan if she would like prayers for inner healing.

I cannot tell you how awful it is,” said Jan. “It is like my life is over. There is nothing left for me. I never planned such a thing.

My heart is ripped from me 
and stomped on.”

Mary, my wife, supported us in prayer. I gently led Jan through her memories, even of her early childhood up to her later marriage.

Graciously, the anointing presence of the Holy Spirit filled the room. The room was super-charged with his presence. Jan allowed Jesus to touch each memory one-by-one through prayer.

This healing relief so excited her, she joyously proclaimed it to her friends and family.

The church is talking about it,” said one gray-haired lady. “Jan's personality is completely changed. She is laughing and joyous to everyone she meets. She's telling all about her healing. She's like a completely different person.”

Jesus filled Jan with the 
streams of living water.

She reminded me of the woman at Jacob's Well.

Then leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, 'Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ'?” (John 4: 28-29 NIV).

In our hurting world today, I think, we seriously underestimate the healing power of prayer and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

We have a dynamic divine gift that we are barely using. It's so easy to say --

May I pray with you?”

Bill Hunt © 2010

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