Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Baby's Healing, Persistent Prayer

God heals a tiny, new born infant from a congenital hip.

Every Baby is a Gift from God, (c) Dan & Mandy Hunt, 2010.

Well, we have a Blessing God! The admissions office prepared to place Mary in a more affordable open bed maternity ward in the Bryn Mawr Hospital on Philadelphia's Main Line.

However, I found her, instead, sitting up in a very nice private room. She wanted "rooming in" with her baby, totally disregarding my fears that we just couldn't afford it.

"Well, we have the space," said the 
head nurse. “And I'm the boss.”

The members of our wonderful prayer group rallied around us like mother hens, making sure we would not be financially disabled.

When the new doctor delivered, actually his third birth, he proudly held the tiny new born, Joanna, high for the mother, the father, and the nurses to see. Everyone rejoiced. I welcomed two little beautiful dark eyes.

Hello, little one!” I said.

But something seemed strange. Her leg hung off to the side. I didn't tell Mary what I noticed. One nurse suddenly supported the baby's leg by wrapping her in a blanket and rushed her off.

When the orthopedic surgeon arrived and gave the baby a physical examination, he explained the problem.

"Your baby has a congenital 
hip," he said.

"Her leg is loose in the hip socket. The socket is too big to hold her leg. This may take several months, even a year, to heal. It may bother her for years or even the rest of her life. I will see you again in four weeks for an x-ray to check the condition."

For the next four weeks, the baby wore a very thick, unsightly, foam diaper over her regular cloth diaper to support her leg.

We took her home from the hospital, but that was not the end of the story!

Our large university prayer community of nearly two hundred people gathered around and prayed over baby Joanna.

The large nearby prayer community of another two hundred people also prayed over baby Joanna.

And when Mary attended the smaller morning women's prayer meeting, a powerful group, they also prayed most intently over baby Joanna.

A well known Philadelphia cleric, Brother Panky, just happened to walk in, and he held the baby and also prayed very intently over her.

In four weeks, mother and baby, now well prayed over, returned for the check up with the unbelieving orthopedic surgeon.

He took an x-ray and looked at it.

He looked at the leg. He pulled the leg.

He turned the leg around and around in the socket as if it were a hand drill. 

Then he sat down in front of Mary very quiet in his big, office leather arm chair and thought.

"There is no difference between the 
left hip and the right hip!" he admitted.

"Well," he said, "sometimes it comes back later in life." Mary did not accept that futuristic comment. 

Of course, she also made it a point to inform the doctor that everyone had prayed over her baby for healing. He remained silent in his chair thinking as Mary left the office.

Children are a reward from the Lord. (See Psalm 127:3.)

Bill Hunt © 2010

NOTE: Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box. Have you prayed for healing in infants or children?

Read The Prayer That Heals: Praying for Healing in the Family or Praying for Your Unborn Child, by Francis MacNutt. These books encourage families to pray together for miraculous healings of body and soul. 


Lori said...

HI Bill, yes I have prayed for children and babies....right now (on my blog) there is a pray for Kate website.....thousands of us have been praying for her about a year now. This was a great miracle! Thank you for sharing.....Lori

BILL said...

Thank you, Lori,

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