Friday, June 6, 2014

God Less America

They're stoning Religious Freedoms in America.

CRUX, Art by Daniel Casey (1817-1885).

They're stoning Religious Freedoms in America. How disheartened I am as a descendant of early Colonial pastors. Our nation was dedicated to God in Virginia by Rev. Robert Hunt and hallowed by the prayers of Pilgrims on the Mayflower or sanctified by the work of my own ancestral Puritans like Rev. William Witherell of Massachusetts and many others. Now I grieve as Christianity and Jewish foundations and, indeed, religious tolerance everywhere, so interwoven in our foundations, is under attack by those who have no regard for our American Freedoms.

This attempt at obliteration is strikingly surveyed by Todd Starnes in his book GOD LESS AMERICA as he surveys the current War on Christianity through the alleged administration's affiliations with Worldwide Muslim Jihad and Atheistic Socialistic-Communism so seen in our daily news. The hostile proponents do not know or respect America and its foundational freedoms and are actively determined to destroy them along with those who ignorantly ignore so great a heritage. Also ignorant, are those so calloused they will not stand and can not stand to protect her. Every political, civic, educational, religious, commercial, community leader, or citizen should read this book. Or lose full scale through this dumbing of America.

Hundreds of documented examples are illustrated. The book initially mentions the firing of a North Carolina State House Honorary Chaplain for mentioning the name of Jesus in prayer. Senior citizens in Fort Wentworth, Georgia, forbidden to pray over their meals. A federal judge orders the prohibition of prayer at the Medina Valley Independent School District graduation in Texas. An eight year old school boy in Massachusetts is ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation after he drew a picture of Jesus on the cross. A professor is rejected from working at the university observatory by the University of Kentucky because he is a Christian. Bibles are banned from Walter Reed Medical Center. A New York public school teacher is ordered to remove inspirational Bible quotes from her classroom, and a quote by President Ronald Reagan. This quote read, “I we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under.”

Delegates to the 2012 Democratic Convention voted God off the party platform. When authorities ordered him written back for the sake of public relations, the delegates booed God. A secret move was started later by Obama Democrats, termed GOD, said Miles O'Leary of Obama's Office of Theological Repatriation, “It stands for Get Obama Deified.” The task is the process of destabilizing other religions, to marginalize Christianity in the Armed Forces and the public schools. Obama signed the executive order declaring himself to be Lord and Savior. About two minutes later, a small earthquake shook Washington D.C. Miles said screenwriters are employed to write “The Gospel According to Barack.” The Family Research Council and the Liberty Institute have each documented 600 stories of religious hostility, some used by Todd Starnes in writing this packed reference.

How do I see the roots of this attack? A negligent or abusive father causes lack of respect in the home, rebellion against authority, contempt for society, despite for heritage and culture, denial of the rights and freedoms of others, and unbelief in God--other than a narcissistic isolating power love of one's self.
--Reviewed by: Bill Hunt, Veteran 
GOD LESS AMERICA by Todd Starnes
Published by Frontline, Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group
600 Rinehart Road
Lake Mary, Florida 32746


Lori Heyd said...

Bill, things are really heating up here in America. It makes me sad for our country and yet it is no surprise. Jesus said this would happen throughout the world. It just spurs us to draw ever closet to Him! Praise God we know Him! Lori

BILL HUNT said...

Dear Lori,
Yes. America is consecrated by its Founders to God. We overcome the rage of sin, against evil, and look to God's mercy. "In God we Trust."
Love in Jesus Always,