Wednesday, January 2, 2013

OK to Yell for Angels

You see, I'm in a battle, a war with the devil. He has an assignment to kill me.

Angels Sent to Serve (

Brake! I shouted. BRAKE! I shouted louder. No time to pray. This time, my wife driving saw the sudden danger.

Ahead on the freeway was a crawling, old battered wood farm trailer camouflaging a big black pickup truck hauling it. No tail lights. I saw only a flick of red light from the truck through the trailer's wood grating.

My wife slammed on our brakes with a second to spare. I thrust forward in my seat-belt  We slowed just short of crashing through the trailer and the truck at highway speed. The white pickup behind us slammed on his brakes.

For the next miles, on Route 12 north of New Orleans, we thanked God and his Angels for saving us. How did I give credit to the Angels? Sometimes I see Angels. Sometimes I see the effects of their presence.

How did I notice just the one flick of light?

You see, I'm in a battle, a war with the devil. He has an assignment to kill me. Many times he's tried. He hates me. I have an assignment to stop his works. I have some tall warrior friends to help me, the Angels. Many times, they've protected me.

Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14 NKJV).

Angels of God and Warriors of the Lord,” I pray. “Servants of Adonai Sabaoth, protect my wife, our children, and our grandchildren (name-by-name) today, and me.”

I prayed just a few hours earlier at the start of our day's return travels.

At the start of this trip to visit two of our adult daughters and their families, just days earlier, I prayed the same faith prayer.

In the middle of the dark night, a black van at high speed cut us off from turning toward a toll booth approach on the complicated Sam Houston Toll-road. My wife, driving, amazingly veered to the left lane, avoiding him, barely seeing his threat coming at our right side. We missed the tollgate approach. Once again, the devil acted. The Angels saved our lives.

I'm expecting a bill for the tollgate fee in my mail. Now the devil doesn't just attack on the road, but these three times he did. 

Some drivers leave themselves open to his evil inspiration.

Again, coming down a hill curve, where the speed reduced on the Florida Panhandle Freeway, a driver from behind ignored the speed limits and charged our rear bumper obnoxiously blowing his horn. He wanted to force us to move to the outside lane, but another car was right beside me.

Finally, I was able to move over. This van driver racing by in the left lane looked, at my glance, like the devil himself. He flashed on ahead as he dangerously executed an improper right exit and threatened other drivers ahead of him, even as he disappeared out of sight around the single exit lane.

It's OK to yell for the Angels.

Bill Hunt, World in Christ
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