Friday, January 25, 2013

Five Minute Job Formula

Finding a Job is a Blessing from God. Need a little free help?

Need a little free help?(

1. First: Pray constantly until you find the Blessing. Don't kid yourself. God is the real Provider.

2. Only 25% of jobs are advertised, and that's where all the competition looks. Approximately 25% are found through the boss and company staff. 25% are known only to the boss. 25% are not even preplanned by the boss. (So, where should you be looking?)

3. Visit the company boss in person, do not call or write. Be sure to dress for success. Visit at least three businesses per day. Don't stop until you are hired. See the ones you are most interested in first. And Never Ever miss an appointment without calling ahead.

4. And don't ask for a job! What?!

5. Visit only the boss. “I'm making a study about town businesses, I need to see Mr. Jones for five minutes....” “Mr. Jones, I need just five minutes of your time; I'm conducting a quick town study of selected businesses. I need a little basic information. Can you give me just five minutes?”

6. “I have experience as an (office manager, certified mechanic, etc.) but here's my first question. (Q1) How would you describe your current business success or problems in general? Do you find the current financial climate difficult?

7. “As my second question, (Q2) What do you forecast for your business over the next three to six months? Do you think things will be improving?”

8. (Q3)“I am looking for a position with a company like yours, would you pass on my name to someone who might have a potential need? Can you recommend anyone to me at this time?” (Notice, you have not asked him or her for a job....)

9. Obviously, answer professionally and carefully any questions the boss may have in turn. He may actually be interested in interviewing you—because you showed interest in his or her company. (Keep showing this interest as you answer.)

10. Leave a resume, saying, “I'd like to leave my resume in the event any opportunity shows up. Thank you for answering my questions.” (And make a very quick visit to check possible references two weeks later.)

Adapt these questions to your style.
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