Monday, December 12, 2011

Joseph, a Godly Husband

In the Christmas Story, Joseph shows men how to be 
a godly husband.

Joseph protects his family.
Being a husband is not easy; it takes a man's responsibility. Life proves it takes grit. Joseph served Mary as patriarch, partner, provider, protector, and priest.

As a Patriarch, the husband is both leader and father to this family. He makes the decisions as co-manager with his wife. Did you also know? He is an instructor, disciplinarian, and play coach to his children. University research shows fathers, more than mothers, primarily influence the spiritual practice and also the play activity of their children. So, likewise, what happens when the husband is missing from the family? It's not just a matter of child discipline failing.

Husbands and wives are intended
by God to be Partners.

She is not a subservient maid, but a care giver. The Hebrew language of the Bible constantly supports this concept of equality with different roles. The husband is intended to be a servant head, manager-guide, emotional support, and sounding board for her.

The wife in response is the strong advisor and co-manager of the home. My Dad told me, women are the natural nest builders of the home, let them be such. She is spouse, sister, best friend, prayer partner, caregiver, and playmate to her husband. Women need men as fathers and brothers even in society outside of the home. In many ways, no man can keep up with a woman; she is the multi-tasker.

Men must take their position 
as Provider.

The Bible basically says a man that does not provide for his family is an unbeliever. A man that does not work, should not eat. I've always said to those without a job: finding a job is a full-time job. Even this hunting for provision becomes his work. Of course, the wife can help her husband, but the first responsibility belongs to him. Joseph worked as a carpenter who taught his craft to his son.

Protector. A man protects his family from violence, from danger, from threatening situations. His very body is built for work and battle. Joseph protected his fiancée from life threatening religious tradition. He protected and cared for her on the long eighty-mile foot journey to Bethlehem, a trip imposed by governmental regulation. He protected her from Herod's horrific slaughter of the Bethlehem babies. He protected her on the exodus and exile into Egypt.

Prophet & Priest. Is this where 
men are failing?

The most bonding glue in marriage is the husband washing his wife with the Word (Eph 5:25-28). This means daily prayer and scripture together. The husband constantly cares for his wife as Jesus cares for his church, his body. The husband and wife lay hands on and pray blessing and healing for each other and their children.

The Lord bless you in the wonder and power of his love and give you a peaceful sleep in the Name of Jesus." 

In the evening, I blessed my children with these words. My children did not suffer from bad dreams. The family must see the husband as God's leader and defender.

Christmas Blessings to You!
   Bill Hunt

The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make his face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift his countenance upon you,
And give you peace” (Num 6:24-26).

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