Thursday, May 12, 2011

Family Healing for God

Driving north for a family healing trip is a God time.

"Wonderful are the Active Healing Gifts of the Holy Spirit."
   (Photo by Bill Hunt c. 2011)

Now there is an art to loading six kids into the back of a station wagon for sleeping. You can pack more in by placing the three taller teenagers, Monica, Brian, and Emily, head to foot across the back sideways. Then place the smaller children, Joanna, Margaret, and baby Daniel, lengthwise up behind the parents' front seats.

We placed packing and mats throughout the back of our station wagon to level it and boarded all six kids for the trip from Florida to Upstate New York. We drove north on a family mission for God. This glorious trip was the one where baby Daniel noticed every passing truck with his own expression.

"Oof! Oof!" said baby Daniel 
in low horn tone.

Of course, his big brother, Brian, encouraged the act by pulling his imaginary truck horn with his fist and arm at the window. The big rig truck drivers noticed this ceremonious load of young expressions and honked their booming truck horns back at the kids.

"Oof!  Oof!" echoed the back end of  the car. Yes, this was a memorable trip all the way up the Eastern Seaboard. Upon arrival, we ministered on a Wednesday evening in our former neighborhood church prayer meeting.

We invited people to 
come forward for healing.

Five men, father, sons, and brothers, actually related to each other, came up at the same time. They decided to lock arms as we prayed for their individual needs. 

I laid hands on the first one in line. The power of the Holy Spirit flowed like an electrical current on his head. In fact, the power simultaneously flowed through the five men with locked arms. The fifth man in line dropped to the floor.

"Never, never put God in a box!"

You cannot limit God. One by one, we prayed over each of the men, and one by one they dropped to the floor! Never expect God to work in a set pattern.

Next up, we prayed for a dear lady friend of ours. Beautiful in her gentle spirit, she suffered for a time from hemorrhaging. Trying different medicines, her doctor had been unable to stop her bleeding.

Well, Doctor Jesus did. She felt the healing power and phoned us within a few days. She dried up, no more bleeding.

Next, came a humble mother of small children. She suffered painful tendinitis in her shoulder. I suspected it was caused by the loving carry of her children in arms.
The pain immediately stopped when the power of the healing Jesus touched her.

No more pain.

Last of all, we prayed over a gentle, elderly couple. He fell off scaffolding and suffered pain along his backbone. His wife suffered severe pain in her arthritic knees. Together, they were under a doctor's care.

Mary and I commanded God's healing. Jesus healed both of them. All pain stopped. 

On Sunday, at our friends' Pastor Abe and Naomi's "Grace Chapel," our teens Monica and Brian each sang solo to the congregation. Then the whole family sang worship songs, glorifying God.

At the end of the service, we called for a healing line. A mother and child with severe scoliosis in their backs came forward. They later reported healing to their pastor.

"It was definitely a ministry trip," said Mary. "It felt like a ministry trip. We came as a family to share healing gifts with the Body of Christ."

--Bill Hunt

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