Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Was Joseph a Good Husband to Mary?

Joseph served Mary as partner, provider, protector, prophet, priest, and patriarch.

Anxiety of St. Joseph by James Tissot, 1886-1894.

In this world of diminishing husbands, Joseph exemplified a man with a backbone. He served Mary as partner, provider, protector, prophet, priest, and patriarch. All, good qualities for a husband. Ask any woman....

Right off, Joseph was faced with a serious dilemma; his fiancée was pregnant with child (Matt. 1:19). Two choices confronted him. He could expose her to public disgrace and death by stoning to meet the standards of social condemnation, or he could divorce her quietly. In reality, his heart was broken; his most beautiful and virtuous engaged wife was with child. The situation was beyond his belief, beyond his understanding, but not beyond the deep anguish and torment of his crushed heart.

That's when the angel showed up! 
(Matt. 1:20-21). 

Have you ever experienced a spiritual dream more real than life? Angel Gabriel presented Joseph a third choice not thought of. And this choice is supported as God's word hundreds of years earlier through the Prophet Isaiah, 7:14 (Matt. 1:22-23). The correct solution was more practical. Joseph took Mary home as his wife (Matt. 1:24-25). Would this divine solution not solve many broken and dysfunctional relationships in today's society?

Mary was pregnant by the overshadowing power of the divine Holy Spirit. Joseph, a royal descendant of the House of David, served as the human patriarch for Jesus. These guardian parents, you see, fulfilled the foundation for the nature of Jesus. He is both human (John 1:14) and divine (John 1: 1-3). Jesus is both God and man. Seen as human and divine in the scriptures, he is prayed to, worshiped, and called God.

Jesus is prayed to, worshiped, 
and called God.

As God, this real Jesus of the Bible is prayed to by Stephen (Acts 7:59) and by the church (1Cor. 1:1-2). As God, he is worshiped by the Magi (Matt. 2:11), by the Apostles in the boat (Matt.14:33), by the women from the tomb (Matt. 28:9), by the man born blind (John 9:35-38), and by the Hebrews Epistle (Heb 1:6). As God, he is referred to by Thomas (John 20:28), by the Hebrews Epistle (Heb 1:8), and by Paul (Titus 2:13).

The Father presented the new born Messiah, Jesus, to Joseph the carpenter and his wife, Mary. From the darkness of evil, however, horrific dangers would soon confront the young couple....

Reflections for Christmas:
o Husband, what forms your decisions when confronted with difficult situations?
o Do you solve difficult circumstances yourself, or do you seek divine guidance?
o How often do such difficult situations confront you?

Merry Christmas!
Be Free to say it!
Bill Hunt

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