Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buy a Car God's Way

In this true miracle story, God graciously selects the right car for our journey into Christian ministry. God provides for the way in which he points.

God knew our need for a car to Oral Roberts University. (Photobucket)

You know, the wildest things happen when you pray! Mary and I answered God's call to Christian ministry from Upstate New York. We prepared to drive to Tulsa, Oklahoma, with our little family of four children and to enroll in graduate divinity school at Oral Roberts University. We simplified all our possessions to the bare bones. We sold most of our household goods in a garage sale, and we shipped the bare essentials in a small load of boxes by truck freight. 

But we still need a car to travel in!

I seriously shopped the auto dealer's lot and examined a few lines of cars. I was exasperated. All but the used cars were way out of my league after our short time of austerity. Behind the building, I spotted exactly what I predetermined in my mind and prayed for, a brown station wagon with a white top! I reasoned I wanted something for the hot western travel and the blazing Oklahoma sun. With financial planning, I admitted to myself I couldn’t accept the price tag. Disappointed, I looked up to the sky and prayed one word, 


Our limited funds forced us to purchase an older, black, four-door sedan. This seemed fine until, as I drove around town, the brakes failed!... Talk about a lemon! I nearly rolled right through a few bright red-light intersections, pushing my foot “through the floor” and bracing my back against the seat, hard! Scared, I drove the sedan back to the dealer for repairs. The next day, he phoned me.

"I have to be honest with you," he said. "The bad news is your car's rusted frame is bending. That's why your brakes won't work. I can't let you have it. The good news is I have another car I'll give you instead, no further charge.” When I arrived at the dealer's, he summoned me.
"I want to talk with you. My wife attends your prayer meeting, and she told me you are serving God. Now, I certainly don't want both my wife and my God against me." Then he presented my "new" car. There out front of the showroom waited the brown station wagon with the white top, all cleaned and polished!

It's the car I reserved for myself," the dealer said. 

As a result, God showed me he really could direct our paths. Answering his call and accepting his mission placed us under his divine care. God provides for the way in which he points! 

-- Bill Hunt (c) 2010

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful example of Abba's love! We are so blessed that God is a Father who is concerned with our every need. That one of His names is Jehovah Jireh is no coincidence!
What a God!!!

BILL said...


What a joyful smile you have, even as God smiles on us. "The reward of our faith is to see what we have believed," says Augustine. But in this case, I only mentioned my desire once and God brought it about through the chain of events. Yes, God goes beyond our faith and smiles on us. I think he enjoys delighting his children!

Blessed New Year!