Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dancing in Flowers of Heaven

I suspect many barely believe in Heaven, and many know so little they don't venture to think about the unknown.

Believers forget their eternal future. Or, they at least take it for granted. Rarely, almost never, do we hear others conjecturing about Heaven. Yet, we are told it is important to keep our life's goals in sight. I suspect many barely believe in Heaven, and many know so little they don't venture to think about the unknown.

We know scripture tells much and implies more. Those who have died, visited, and returned, can tell us what they remember. I find it wise to notice what is most common in various witness reports.

Heaven is our eternal home in the presence of God, what is termed the Beatific Vision. All light emanates from the throne of God himself. God is Light. God is Love. “Be holy for I am Holy,” says the Lord. “Without holiness, no one can see the Lord.” The Father does not stand in the presence of sin.

We are in the eternal Heaven for one reason. Jesus the Messiah gave himself as the divine sacrifice of perfect love for the sins of mankind, for all those who believe in him. Or, innocents who died as blood martyrs, I might add, for instance aborted babies. Or, innocent persons, the Epistle to Romans implies, without sin, those determined by God. Otherwise, unrepentant sin against the Creator is the reason for condemnation to hell. I know one thing, those who rebel against the Creator, freely choose hell.

In Heaven, you are not a nameless or an ambiguous spirit. You keep your personal identity. Jesus, Moses, and Elijah appeared together on the mountain of the Transfiguration. Jesus appeared several times after his Resurrection, and believers always related to him. In Heaven you recognize your family, your relatives, your friends, likely anyone, according to visionaries.
People will be in their perfect glorified bodies, no disabilities, no eyeglasses. I believe Jesus will be the first to greet and welcome us. I told my wife I will then dance joyfully with her in a great field of flowers at the foot of a magnificent mountain range, no longer with my disabled foot. I've seen this in my dreams many times.

Glorified bodies in heart, body, mind, and spirit! We will not be just blobs of invisible spiritual cloud floating around. Think of Jesus as he appeared to the apostles in the upper room and ate with them. He was in his glorified, risen body. The only wounds in Heaven will be his, our license to the Presence the Ancient of Days. In our glorified bodies, heart, mind, body, and spirit, we will truly function. How will God use us in Paradise?

Just conjecturing. Since we keep our identity and person-hood, might he not use us in goodly ways he used us on earth? The use of singers, musicians, teachers, might be easy to perceive. But what about writers, builders, cooks, artists, painters? Maybe, some of us will need retraining! I know one thing for certain. God has no problem. He said he has a place for you, already prepared.

God is Mighty on you!
Whatever you need:
Ask, and you shall receive.
Seek, and you shall find.
Knock, and the door shall be opened
to you.

Heavenly Blessings,
Bill Hunt

Vision in the night. Angel or demon? Clearly seen, tall through the ceiling, at foot of my bed. Total Pax. Could be an angel. Then, I saw the beard and his dark wavy hair, no it's him. In mystical light like a haze, He held two great broad swords in big strong hands pointed east and west. The giant swords shone in the room's real light. “He is here,” announced a voice. “I am here,” said the Warrior King who stood so tall. His spiritual gown of many folds waved softly. Very still, he stood in majesty, but full of Life and Presence. His mighty Protection powered over my wife and me. “Now I know he's coming,” I said, and turned over in peace. I glanced back. He stood there, mighty. I cannot otherwise account or explain this. 2-15-2014


Crystal Mary said...

Well written, I feel your delight in the Lord and I know you are the Apple of His eye. Heaven, our eternal dwelling place.

BILL HUNT said...

Thank you, Crystal. I appreciate your kindness. A million blessings to you. Bill

Anonymous said...

I think about Heaven often.