Monday, March 11, 2013

Pakistan Lahore Christians Attacked

Over 170 homes are reported now burned and families are asking you for prayer.

Mob burning household (photo per Bishop Anjum).

Dearest in Christ,

Very sad to tell you about this incident that happened in Pakistan. Today, (March 9, 2013) around 158 houses belonging to the Christian community were vandalized and burnt by a mob in Badami Bagh area of Lahore. This is over an alleged blasphemy committed by a Christian man.

SSP Operations Suhail Sukhera and the SHO of Badami Bagh were also reportedly injured when the mob pelted a police party with stones.

On Friday, a mob of almost 3,000 people forced the Christian community to flee for their lives, leaving behind their houses and possessions unprotected.

The charged group gathered around Joseph Colony on Noor Road, led by Shafiq Ahmed, in search of the accused Savan, alias Bubby. The mob attacked Savan’s house, setting it on fire and pelting it with stones. Other houses in the locality – homes to about 150 Christian families – they also attacked. Many residents, including women and children, hastily fled to save themselves.

Savan has been arrested and taken to an undisclosed location.

We request all of you to please pray for them and share with your Friends.

Remember Savan Masih, his family, and all the Christian community of Joseph Colony, Badami Baghe, Lahore, in your prayers.  
They lost their homes, households, and everything they have. They have nothing to wear, to eat, or a place to sleep. They totally depend on help and prayers.

Please pray for them.

In Him,
Bishop Anjum

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