Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freedom to Be

Can we be Free, really Free?

(Ballet Dancer by Al aka pintofaggs, flickr.com)


Why can't we

just let our person go
in expressions of limitless glee?
Or let words dance
upon our ears and
see things pleasing
in our hearts
with no chains upon
our limbs?

Why can't I think of you
in anyway
I see your presence in
my delight?
Why do words have to constrict
my thoughts and I cannot

In these human shells of
here's and gone's,
you're always there –
interlocked charms –
in the golden locket of
my heart,
and there's no key.

The world can not see,
hear, feel, touch, or know,
everywhere, anywhere,
you'll be--
where the Spirit of the Lord is,
I am Free!

bill hunt c. 2011

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Lori said...

Hi Bill, what a beautiful poem that is. I want you to know I prayed for you and your family today in prayer time. For some reason the Lord brought you to mind...you are a real testimony to the Lord! Lori

BILL said...

Thank you for your comment and prayers. God is working thru you. I'm seeking a means to home income blessings. We know a new great grand daughter whose family needs prayer. Many thanks for your blessings. The Lord is working in every direction.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, dear friend, Bill,
What a wonderful and inspirational poem you have written, Bill!! It's really lovely.
The Lord is certainly working on you with poetry. I am glad that you share your poetry with the world. That is what I do too...
Thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes that you sent on my way!! We had a lovely day with our dear friends, and my best friends, my 3 cats. We celebrated with joy, health and peace. Praise the Lord for His many blessings on us!! I'll be praying for all those who need prayers, be sure about that. I believe in a BROTHERHOOD OF CHRISTIANS IN ACTION, not just talking alone, doing actions and good deeds in this world. Our dear Lord, Jesus Christ proved with His action, what He said with His words.
Our good actions must be aligned with our words.
God's richest blessings may always abound in your life, Bill, and your beloved ones!!
Much Love in Christ,
Poet Starry Dawn.