Saturday, August 6, 2011

God is Love!

Waiting in the light,
Oh, bright form!
flowing tresses, waves of linen silk,
our image and likeness,
Unmerited Love.

With gentle eyes, pure spirit,
ruler of angelic beings,
Oh, moonbeam, caress my heart!
Oh, Spirit!
tell me your delights,
Unconditional Love.

Fill my heart, only you can love,
play with me, your child,
hold me in your palm,
Oh, sovereign of the universe,
Ancient of Days!
Unlimited Love.

So tender, bless me,
kiss me with your words,
a tear upon my cheek,
dwell with me,
Unfailing Love.

Petal from a flower,
wipe the fluid mist,
breathe the winged fragrance
in space and time,
all truth be known,
You are Love!

-- bill hunt c. 2011

Honor Killing”: Katya Koren, 19, from the
Crimea, as a daughter of Abraham had her
blood taken violently. From death she
speaks like Hagar:
I now see the God who sees me.”

Men are created with strength by God to protect
women and children. There is no honor in “honor
killing”! The Divine Creator and Judge of the Universe
who made Life commands: “You shall not kill.”

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