Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jesus Meets People

If you suddenly meet Jesus face-to-face, what would you say?

"The Wonderful Catch of Fish"
 (Painting by Anton Losenko, Russian 1762)

That's what I want to ask you! What would you do walking up the street, down the sidewalk, or across the park, and you meet Jesus? What would you say to him? What would he say to you?

I'm sure people are surprised. In fact, 150,000 people die everyday and hardly one expected it. Some of 'em meet the Son of God; some of 'em don't. Those that enter the Heaven of Lights are wonderfully glorious! Those that enter the isolation of Hell, the Lake of Fire, are not. They don't meet their friends there, either. They are all alone, forever. Yes, they planned it. Every person makes his very own lifetime choice.

But let's back up. I'm walking across the park and I meet Jesus. Now, I'm a big guy. I fall to the ground with a thump. I'm in absolute awe and I'm overcome. This loving Jesus takes my arm and raises me to my feet. He's all smiles, the joyful Jesus! His brightness and cheer make me smile. I can't help it!

Most people miss the joy of Jesus in scripture. They think he walks around in solemn prayer all the time with a pale face, a British accent, and head bowed. Take another look. Yes, there's one question I just have to blubber out!

May I follow you?”

Yes!” he laughs with a loud, cheerful laugh. “Follow me.”

Well, what would you say if you meet him? Look at what people did in scripture.

Jesus returns from the desert encounter with Satan “on the scene.” He announces himself in the synagogue in his hometown, Nazareth. Jesus' problem is he always tells the Truth. They take him up to a cliff to throw him down. Not time to die yet, he walks away.

But the devil's still around. Next Sabbath, he meets a man in the synagogue in Capernaum. This fellow is possessed with demons.

Ha! What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? 
  Have you come to destroy us (Luke 4: 34 NIV)?”

Be quiet!” Jesus said sternly. “Come out of him (4:35 NIV)!”

So, if you've got serious demon problems, Jesus is the right one to meet.

Don't laugh, more people have, than you recognize!

As Simon's guest, Jesus meets his mother-in-law, she's sick in bed with fever. I love to watch Jesus when he meets a man or a woman. He has profound respect for them, for the humble. He instantly healed her. She rose up and began serving her guests as a woman does. So, if you're not feeling well, he knows what to do. That evening, he laid hands on all the sick who crowded in, and he cast demons out of those restrained.

Are you ready to answer, what would you 
say, if you suddenly meet Jesus?

Jesus is preaching from a boat slightly rolling in the water's edge from the breezes at Lake Gennesaret. When he finished the lesson, Jesus took sympathy for poor Peter who fished all night long, to no avail.

Put out in to deep water, and let down the nets for a catch (Lk 5:4 NIV).”

The nets began to break and an extra boat helps to load the overflowing fish.

Go away from me, Lord; I am
a sinful man (Lk 5:8 NIV).”

Peter spoke from his knees in the sand.

Don't be afraid; from now on you will catch men (Lk 5:10 NIV).”

If you met Jesus face-to-face, would you stand or get on your knees or just pass out? What would you say to him? What would he say to you. I know he will speak Truth to you whoever you are. I know he will know everything about you. He already does.

The most amazing thing is he Loves you with the same Love the Father Loves you, your Creator, even with all your sins. You need to know Jesus paid the price for all your sins on his painful cross. He wants you to turn from your sins and trust your life to him for eternity. When you do, this perfect God forgives perfectly and forgets your sins, perfectly. Once more, he Loves you perfectly!

Now, again, what would you say to him?

--Bill Hunt

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