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True Exodus Red Sea Crossing

For 3500 years the desert has held the secret of the true Exodus Crossing and the true Mount Sinai where God gave Moses the ten commandments, and where Elijah encountered God from the cave.

"Passage of the Red Sea" by Francis Danby, Irish, 1825.
Imagine following the true route of the Exodus, crossing the Red Sea, and seeing the real Mount Sinai. This mountain is also known in scripture as Mount Horeb where God visited Moses at the burning bush in Median, where he brought the Hebrew nation out from Egypt, where God gave the Ten Commandments, and the cave where Elijah saw God pass by. For 3500 years, man has not known the true mountain, but now in modern times, the route and the mountain have been rediscovered with overwhelming evidence, following the exact descriptions of the words of the Bible.

Traveling the Wilderness Journey.

Spending 430 years in Goshen, the Israelites were reduced to slavery as brick makers on the muddy Nile Delta. God sent Moses from the burning bush in Median to Pharaoh in Egypt using amazing supernatural curses to force the obstinate tyrant to allow the Hebrews to leave Egypt (Ex 12:40-42). Upon leaving, Moses led the Hebrews from Goshen down the eastern side of the modern Red Sea through the wilderness. Obeying God, he journeyed toward Mount Horeb to worship with the Hebrews. He had already spent forty years in Median before God returned him to Egypt.

Yes, Moses knew the desert road from Egypt. Rather than traveling south to the tip of the Sinai, the road turns east between the wilderness mountains midway down the Peninsula and crosses the desert to the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba into Median. Moses, otherwise, would not have stayed on the Sinai Peninsula, as it was Egyptian territory (Ex 13:18).

Moses headed easterly for Median across the Gulf of Aqaba to what is now Saudi Arabia. The Council of Seventy Elders translating the Hebrew Scriptures knew in 250 BC that Mount Sinai or Horeb was in Midyan. So did Philo Judaeus, (1st Cent.) philosopher of Alexandria. So did Paul, in Galatians 4:25. So did Josephus, about 90 AD, note it was the highest mountain in Median near the ancient city of now El Bad. So did Ptolemy, (2nd Cent.) astronomer of Alexandria.

Backed to the Sea by Pharaoh's Army.

The Gulf of Aqaba was known as the Red Sea, Yam-Suph, by the ancients. Solomon harbored his fleet there. Amazingly, the Gulf is some fifty miles long and a mile deep grand canyon except in two places. There is a long shallow coral reef at its southern mouth where some explorers mistakenly thought the Hebrews would have walked with great difficulty. But other explorers found a high, flat, undersea ridge of firm sand, wide like a highway, crossing the Gulf midway from a beach called Nuweiba.

How do you hide over a million people? From the easterly desert road to Median, Moses turned south to escape the news of Pharaoh's oncoming army of 600 war chariots. But God had another plan. Down a dry, desert river bed, Moses led his people through a deep eighteen mile long gorge, sheltered by cliffs, to a beach, midway on the Gulf, called Nuweiba at the “Mouth of the Gorges,” so meaning the name in scripture, Pi Hahiroth (Ex 14:9).

God's Great Miracle of Deliverance.

But Pharaoh was on to them. Down the eighteen mile gorge he came to Pi Hahiroth, trapping the Israelites on Nuweiba Beach. Miraculously, all night, God blew a great wind and drove back the waters of the Red Sea, exposing a sandy highway on which the people crossed the wide expanse of the Gulf (Ex 14: 21-22). At dawn, as Pharaoh's army of 600 war chariots crossed to destroy the Hebrews, the charioteers drowned as the walls of water came down upon them (Ex 14:27-28). The modern explorers found six-spoked chariot wheels and hubs and four-spoked wheels only used together in Pharaoh's army about the 18th dynasty or 1445 BC. Solomon began to build his temple in 965 BC and the Exodus occurred 480 years earlier (Ex 14:30).

As the bodies of Pharaoh's warrior washed ashore on the ten miles beach along the eastern coast, the Israelites collected the Egyptian armor which they would use to battle the Amalekites at Rephidim, just a few weeks later. The Israelites journeyed toward Mount Sinai or Horeb in an easterly direction. All this you can see in the filmed evidence of the DVD “The Exodus Revealedpurchased at Amazon.

The Wilderness Journey, Faith for Us.

There are times in our lives, like this, when we seem to be caught in the east with our backs to the Red Sea, Yam-Suph, on a beach called Nuweiba. And Pharaoh’s army of 600 war chariots is attacking from the west down the eighteen mile gorge with 1500 foot cliffs. Indeed, the enemy has arrived at the Mouth of the Gorge, Pi Hahiroth, facing us. And our whole situation seems incredibly hopeless! There is only one thing to do. Surrender the situation to God and see his wilderness journey plan for us unfold.

Bill Hunt

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