Monday, November 1, 2010

Pentecost Only by Power of Holy Spirit

Christian witness miracle story: true Baptism of the Holy Spirit and tongues are given only by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Like Life, Doves in a Storm, photo by Bill Hunt (c) 2010.

A blinding, bright spinning ball of fire came at me like shot from a heavenly cannon, making a loud sound of swishing mighty wind.  Spinning off from it were thousands of tongues of fire in every direction.

The spiritual fiery cannon ball came right through my body without impact and exploded in joy and power all through my whole being.  “Joy unspeakable and full of Glory!” 

How did God set me up for this?

From my sleep, very early in the morning, he called my name twice.  I rose from my bed, leaving my sleeping wife, and walked out to the living room.  I laid prostrate on the rug in the quiet and prayed.

The next morning, he called again.  I arose, went out to the living room, laid prostrate on the rug in the stillness, and prayed.

On the third morning, the call resonated most clear.  As I laid on the rug and worshiped, the grace of God led me to completely surrender and give all things to him.  I gave my heart, mind, soul, and body.  I gave everything I possessed and everything I am, past, present, and future, holding nothing back.

Then it happened!

Those who strive to receive the Spirit of God and Tongues by analytic pamphlets or man's teaching, I believe, are deceived.  These methods are a decoy, child's play.  “Let's pretend.”

The true Baptism and Tongues are given by the Holy Spirit alone.  This is not man's relation with man, or even man's relation with himself, but man's relation with God.

So, bow on your face in worship and surrender to the Living God. The results are totally his. This is not your “take,” but his free “gift” you seek, the Gift of Himself.  There is no other way.

Bill Hunt © 2010

NOTE:  Please let us know your thoughts in the comment box.  Have you received the empowering gift of Pentecost by power of the Holy Spirit?

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